Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poem : Forever Won't Last

They say forever won't last...
time will break and it just won't pass
on into eternity. I want this love to be true.
To exist as the world does, but I'm
only a dreamer. I need to be free from the
magical passion that has been stuck inside me.
Burned to an abnormal tint of yellow reflects the
lust I have for you. For us.

Trust me, you say over and over again.
If only this love was as bright as the stars
after a thunder storm, then maybe
just possibly I'd be able to wipe away
these tears of manic hysteria. The sweet waves
of genuine anxiety that caress me when I feel
your kiss on my cheek.

You're saying goodbye again. Moving on with
the wind to find your next target. I still don't see
how you could teach me to release the lock
I have on my soul...the lock I needed to protect
myself from loving you so much.

They say forever won't last...
simply because no one tried to prove them wrong.

*I wrote this awhile ago for a contest I think using the words [Forever, Bright, World, Tears. Soul, Kiss, Passion, Lust, Wind, Anxiety, Eternity, Magical, Free, Stars, Trust, Hysteria, Thunder, Yellow, Lock, Target, Teach, Time , Sweet, Waves, Burned, Abnormal, Genuine] 

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